Home Site Preparation:
During this stage of your project we'll perform a site evaluation.  We'll have the opportunity to discuss with you removal of existing home (if needed), home placement, utility connections, and the potential often-overlooked barriers involved in delivering and placing your home on your site.  Some challenges that arise when delivering your home can be trees/bushes, soil condition, slope of your property, fences, gates, overhead wires.  We will ensure these issues are not overlooked and provide for easy delivery of your home.
Obtaining Building Permits
After reviewing your site, we are able to obtain local and state building permits on your behalf. 
Pre-Shipment Quality Inspection:
During this inspection we inspect your home to ensure it is built to your specifications before your home leaves the factory.  Occasionally, minor repairs, alterations, or adjustments may need to be made to your home.  In these rare occasions, our uncommon approach is to simply have them made while your home is still at the factory.  This allows the changes to be made more quickly and easily then if your home was at your home site.
Shipping your Home:
With our knowledge of your home site, we are able to effectively communicate with our transporter your projects needs.  Our transporter will ensure your home can be safely transported to your site.  Additionally, our transporter can perform roadside repairs to plastic siding, tires and axles thus minimizing shipping delays.  Our transporter uses late model, well maintained vehicles and carries insurance that well exceeds the minimum required by the State of Arizona.
Installation (or set up) of your Home:
We are licensed as a Master Installer of Manufactured Homes through the State of Arizona Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety; Office of Manufactured Housing.  This license allows us to complete the work needed to install your home including:
  • Initial Set up:  Joining the sections of your home (double wide or triple wide) together, level and block your home, seal off the exterior roof, walls and floor.
  • Utility Connections:  Connecting the water, sewer, electric, gas connections to your home.
  • Final Close Off:  Installing, taping, texturing and painting the final pieces of sheet rock.  Installing the carpet pad and carpet.  Unwrapping appliances and ensuring they are connected and ready to use.
  • Accessory Installation:  Installing awnings, skirting, sheds, garages, decks or any specialized item you want to customize your new home.
  • Air Conditioning:  Installing the air conditioner, ducts, wiring and controls.
Ordering Building Inspections:
We will order City, State and/or County inspections and ensure everything passes.  After your home passes all inspections, we will advise you when you can turn on utility services.
Final Walk Through:
Although we're available and happy to discuss any of your concerns throughout your project, this process allows you the ability to discuss any concerns or direct our attention to any issue that you might have.  It also allows us to finalize our job and initiate your new home warranty, if applicable.  
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